Terms & Conditions




All bookings are subject to availability. Once a booking has been confirmed, you have entered a verbal contract with City Drive Home Service.

Cancellation of booking upon our driver’s arrival will incur a fee charge of at least $20.

City Drive Home Service will not be held responsible for any delays in the arrival of our drivers due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a previous trip taking longer than expected.

By requesting City Drive Home Service, you are appointing the valet driver provided by City Drive Home Service as your authorized driver for the purpose of motor insurance coverage.

Customers engaging the services of City Drive Home Service are bound by the following Terms and Conditions:


  1. Upon entrusting your vehicle to us, the company will only be liable for a total compensation of up to SGD 1,500 in the event of a traffic accident caused by our drivers, as verified by the relevant authorities.
    Car damages must be assessed by our company’s authorized workshop before compensation can be made.
  2. The vehicle will be parked at your advised premises and the company or our drivers will not be liable for the following after your vehicle is parked:
    • Parking fines;
    • Losses and/or damages to the vehicle;
    • Losses and/or damages to contents in the vehicle; and
    • Any other related and unforeseen losses and/or damages.
  3. Our drivers will only be liable for traffic offences caused by their own negligence.


It is the responsibilty of the customer to make sure their vehicle is in a fit condition to be on the road, and that there is enough fuel in the vehicle to complete the journey.

City Drive Home Service and its drivers reserve the right to refuse, cancel or terminate any journey at its discretion without prior notice or explanation. Any customers who attempt to threaten or hurl physical or verbal abuses to any of our staff will be reported to the Police.